This is the place to praise Intovision, which in the past year has become the development arm of Mentis Vision in the entire mechanical and industrial design fields. We have developed a number of products with Intovision, including our flagship product, the F6.
Our products require creative engineering thought while taking into consideration rigid optical and mechanical requirements, strict standards, strict ergonomics and product design, and preparation of the product for serial production, all under tight schedules.
I highly recommend working with Intovision, since the work with them is efficient, responsible and professional.

Ziv Cohen


Udi Kauf
CEO – CTI - Computech Inernational

It has been a long time that Intovision serves as CTI’s development arm in the fields of mechanical design and engineering. During this period, Intovision impressed with capabilities of inventive thinking, providing unique solutions, rapid response and meeting tight timetables. In addition, Intovision’s development team showed professionalism and great service while fully synchronizing and cooperating with CTI’s development team. There is no doubt that Intovision has contributed a great deal to CTI in the development of the company’s products and its progress.

Shuki Reinman
CEO – Johnson Clean

As a strategic destination at Johnson Clean, we decided to launch a private line of designed and branded products. To this end, we turned to Intovision, which designed a range of products for us.
From the beginning of my work with Intovision, I felt there was someone to trust. A team that knows the job and knows exactly what we need and where we want to go.
We are satisfied, trustful and calm working with them.

Nir Zohar
VP Business Development and Operations Co-Founder Chakratec

Chakartech has been using the services of Intovision for several years for several projects.
Intovision has designed for us facilities to equip kinetic energy storage units. Thanks to one of the designs, Chakartech was nominated for the Innovation Award at the European Utility Week, and with another design she won the eMove360 competition in the category of “storing energy for fast charging positions for electric vehicles”.
Intovision’s team is a professional team that understands customer’s requirements and knows how to respond quickly, while thinking creatively and providing innovative solutions.
I definitely strongly recommend working with them.

General Manager at G2Metric Israel

“To finalize our system LYNX, system entirely developed by G2Metric, we solicit INTOVISION in order to propose us a design for moving from a prototype to an industrial product. INTOVISION has listened to our needs, implement them and accompany us during industrial production, all in a very short time.Their expertise, professionalism and good customer listening were strong assets for the success of this project.Thanks to all the INTOVISION team.

Shahar Yehudiel
Private entrepreneur

Six months ago I got an idea for a product and started looking for development companies.
Because it was the first time I entered the field, I had a lot of questions and many concerns.
Following an acquaintance recommendation, for the last six months I worked with Intovision on the development of my idea.
What was most reassuring to me was the professionalism and reliability of the staff who explained all and helped, when it comes to developing a product and emphasizing things I did not even know I needed.
Because it was the first time I entered this field, questions related not only to development were raised over time, and also then Intovision helped me with any question or referred me to the right experts.
In conclusion, I was happy to get to know and work with Intovision, and I can say with certainty that when the next idea will come, I will no longer have to look for a development company again.

Amir Zilberberg
Wise-Lab Ltd.

“As longtime customers of Intovision, we wish to note the professionalism and service of the managers and employees, as part of a number of projects, we received our full satisfaction throughout the development stages.

Boaz Femson
CEO - Keypod

Intovision has developed for me three patents that I distribute worldwide. The company accompanied me from the initial sketch I drew on A4 paper with pencil and they accompanied me step by step in product development and design, got me prices for mass production and provided me with a product file for the finished product with the quality and level that brought me to be the world’s most successful locksmith. Thank you!“

Avi Cosovsky
CEO Coso Technologies

As an entrepreneur and owner of Coso Technologies, I was happy to work with you and to receive endless service and dedication from you. Coso Technologies’ project is a breakthrough in the field of fire extraction and its success is assured thanks to Intovision’s original and creative initiative and thought. We recommend to my friends and entrepreneurs to start their business day only at the Intovision incubator, which has proven to me time and time again that the success of a product has a way of thinking, a way of respect for the profession, a way of honoring the customer and through of uncompromising professionalism.

Amit Kinor
Co Founder

The work with Intovision is highly recommended, and the company has proven and continues to demonstrate and demonstrate excellent response times, the ability to receive criticism and change as a response, a deep understanding of customer needs and pleasant, professional and enjoyable collaboration

Yonatan Asulin
Product Manager Androphyn Medical

“In the course of our work with Intovision, Androphyn Medical developed a medical product for the urology field with Intovision, based on a development plan and the definitions that Intovision fulfilled to the best of the best.” Oron’s ongoing work and availability yielded successful product development As well as IP.