What we offer

Advanced Systems Engineering

Our expertise lies in designing multifaceted systems tailored for the automation, security, medical, and energy sectors. We deliver cutting-edge development services, consistently pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation.

With extensive experience across diverse development domains, we excel at considering various aspects and cross-disciplinary approaches within the industry, resulting in a wide array of innovative development solutions.

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Product Development Excellence

With over 17 years of dedicated service, we are passionate about creating pioneering products that redefine innovation and set industry standards.

Our team comprises seasoned development engineers and industrial designers, with extensive, varied expertise. Our multidisciplinary approach encourages seamless collaboration between the design team and various engineering departments,ensuringthat every stage of product development incorporates considerations such as ergonomics, aesthetics, production technologies, production cost, and more.

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Comprehensive Production, Assembly, and Integration Solutions

As a seamless extension of the development phase, we offer production, assembly, and integration services for prototypes, products, and multifaceted systems, catering to small and limited production runs. We stand out in our ability to swiftly and responsively adapt to our clients’ demands and requirements.

With a proven track record as suppliers to the aerospace industry, our production and l processes adhere to the highest standards of quality and precision. We leverage these manufacturing and assembly procedures, combining safety, reliability, and performance research methodologies, to deliver top-tier solutions to our customers with optimal efficiency.

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Talent Acquisition Solutions

Our placement services provide an efficient way to swiftly and seamlessly onboard seasoned engineers and designers, precisely tailored to the client’s requirements and engagement duration .

Rather than investing significant time and resources in lengthy recruitment procedures, we expedite the process by promptly providing our clients with the ideal professionals, saving them valuable time and resources.

Our engineers and designers are industry experts with a diverse skill set and extensive capabilities.

Our service can be engaged for short-term projects or long-term endeavors, offering the flexibility to cater to your specific needs.

| Experienced Engineers | High Availability | Defined Contract Period | Reduced Time and Costs | Cost-Efficiency and Risk Mitigation | Expert Support Services | Resource Optimization.

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Our Areas of Specialization

Intovision Group

Intovision Group specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of products and multidisciplinary systems.

Established in 2005, Intovision is committed to providing comprehensive services that include  development of multidisciplinary systems, product design, production, assembly, and integration. Our clientele spans industries such as defense, medical device, high-tech, and energy. Our company comprises four distinct departments: engineering, industrial design, production and integration, and our dedicated client-site placement department.

We take immense pride in our ISO9001 certification, our expertise in ISO13485 for medical device development, and our status as authorized suppliers to esteemed organizations like the Ministry of Defense, the Aerospace Industry, Elbit, and others.

At the core of our company’s DNA is a commitment to creative thinking, coupled with meticulous consideration of the myriad parameters essential for success.

Here at Intovision, we firmly believe that the synergy of creativity, multidisciplinary experience, and cutting-edge tools is the key to achieving success in the realm of innovative systems and products.

Our Workflow Approach

Product definition


Conceptual product

System architecture
Functional perception
Mechanics | Ergonomics | Usability
POC prototype

Design concept

Industrial design
Mechanical design

Design details

Industrial design
Mechanical design
Computer prototype
Creating a tangible prototype

Design verification

Final design prototype
Design verification


List of items
Cost management
Planning for production
Production verification