A modular automation system for production floors

A modular automation system for production floors

Automation systems

A modular automation system for production floors that replaces machine operators.
The system feeds and unloads raw materials for machining machines and other systems that require feeding and unloading.
The system is designed to be modular, so various modules can be connected, such as a storage drawer module, a QA and measurement module, a conveyor module for transporting to other stations, and more.

Who is the client?


What did the process entail?

• Designing a chassis and supporting mechanical systems
• Smart solutions for the modulation of subsystems
• Industrial design and styling for a modular cladding system and other tools
• Design and engineering for the plastic parts in the system
• Strength testing for system components with high precision requirements


• Designing a modular system that allows flexibility for the end customer
• Connections between the subsystems that are simple and easy to implement
• Designing a chassis with a table with a high level of precision, which allows working with a cobot
• An innovative design that optimally integrates the use of plastic, sheet metal parts and machining

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