A model for an active suspension system

A model for an active suspension system

Multidisciplinary systems

Designing and building a small-scale vehicle simulator, which is intended to be used as a test and development system.
The model is an active suspension control system based on General Motors vehicles.
The system includes the following subsystems:
an active suspension system, a remotely-controlled automatic and manual steering, and a sensor and data logging system which monitors the vehicle’s movement and its suspension system.

Who is the client?


What did the process entail?

System engineering:
• specification and architecture for the mechanical and electronic systems
• Software and control
• Program formulation
• V&V, ATP
• Supervision of the control design and software.

Mechanical design:
• Electronic gearing on top of an existing remote control car platform
• Upgrading the passive suspension system to an active system based on controlled stepping motors.

• Assembly and integration of the various assemblies
• Assembling mechanical and electromechanical components
• Mechanics-control integration.
• Experimentation and testing.

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