UltraSlide - a hydraulic device for connecting PEX pipes

UltraSlide - a hydraulic device for connecting PEX pipes

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UltraSlide, is a hydraulic system for connecting PEX and PE-RT pipes without gaskets.
This technique is based on inserting the fitting tube into the plastic piping.
A plastic (PVDF) sleeve is mounted above the connection area between the fitting tube and the pipe, and serves as a spring, to ensure a perfect seal.
Applications: Installing household hot-cold water systems, hydronic heating systems (radiator systems), underfloor heating, and gas systems.

Who is the client?


What did the process entail?

• Mechanical and electromechanical design
• Industrial design and ergonomics
• Integration of a unique hydraulic system
• Prototyping, assembly, testing and optimization
• Production file and serial production support


• Development of a system capable of assembling a connector automatically without the use of gaskets.
• The challenge was to design a system that uses great forces to connect the fitting tube to the pipe, while keeping the mechanism small and lightweight.

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